Behind the scenes
at Sericyne

In its workshop in the Centquatre, an atypical location in Paris, Sericyne deploys its know-how. Open the door and you will find that all is quiet. There is no sound of machinery. Placed on their supports, our silkworms meticulously reproduce two- or three-dimensional shapes. From this technique are born silk squares, discs, spheres and cubes – a wide variety of shapes are possible. Under the supervision of our artisans, the silkworms no longer spin cocoons but produce the delicate Sericyne Silk itself. Raised by silkworm breeders in France and Europe, our insects are scrupulously selected for the quality of their thread and the colour of their silk. Sericyne is also committed to reviving sericulture in France. When the silk is harvested in our workshop, we are able to transform it in numerous ways. We work with a network of artisans possessing specialized know-how (in pleating, dyeing, embroidery, etc.), who can bring additional aesthetic qualities to our material.

The team


Design and science meet

Clara Hardy and Constance Madaule Madaule are the two co-founders of Sericyne. They met at the end of their studies and created the company in 2015. Clara Hardy is a designer. She is in charge of project development in relation with the customers. A graduate of École Boulle (college of fine arts and crafts and applied arts) and of ENS Cachan (prestigious French higher education institution), she has worked for well-known design agencies, notably Jean Nouvel in Paris and Ron Arad in London, as well as with craftsmen in Asia. Constance Madaule is an agricultural engineer and a graduate of Agroparistech (leading French higher education institution in life and environmental sciences). She is in charge of production and works with the silkworm breeders who supply our silkworms. Constance has worked with a young entrepreneur in Africa, as well as at the prestigious Harvard research laboratory.

Camille Bertrand is a textile designer at Sericyne. She is in charge of the production of prototypes and pieces for customers. Camille is a graduate of École Duperré (college of art, design and fashion) and Beaux Arts de Lyon (Lyon school of art and design). She has worked on several occasions in Asia, notably in China with textile craftsmen, and is skilled in many techniques specific to this sector.