Clara Hardy, Founder

A unique journey from the Boulle School to the ENS, from “cocoon” furniture to silk thread.

Development of an entrepreneurial journey, a “silk road” that led him from to Sericyne. Driven by passion for her project and her desire to undertake business, she has assembled a multidisciplinary team (artisans, agricultural engineers, designer, salesperson).

Our origins

The Cévennes, historic cradle of French silk

In the Cévennes, where silk production reached its peak until the 19th century, Sericyne has been working for 4 years for the revival of natural French silk, in an area dedicated to organic farming. This renaissance begins with the planting of new mulberries, the only food for insects

Two complementary places

Sericyne’s activity is spread over two sites. In Occitanie, in the village of Monoblet, in the heart of the Cévennes regional park, Sericyne has mulberry fields, a silkworm farm (building for breeding silkworms) and a silk production workshop. In Paris, Sericyne is based at Station F, the largest business incubator in Europe. Parisian activity is linked to commerce and communication.

Our values ​​& commitments

Integrity, inventiveness, and excellence are the watchwords of each of our actions. They are also values ​​carried and embodied by each member of the team.

A desire to share and transmit our roots in the local fabric of the Cévennes, the contribution that we make to its economic development and the relations of equity that we maintain with the various partners, are the daily expression of our values ​​of sharing.

Verre à soie sur moulage Sericyne

The renaissance of the silk sector to which we contribute daily is our pride. It guarantees an additional income for those who develop sericulture. Preservation and enhancement of a local ecosystem by planting mulberry: Sericyne participates in the development of biodiversity, all crops are organic and eco-responsible.

Made In France: Sericyne works mainly with French partners in all the transformations of the material.